Flight Simulator Scenery

The default Flight Simulator 98 scenery covering Denmark is very sparse. All that is covered in any detail is Kastrup airport. There are no details for the rest of Denmark except for some major roads, lakes and rivers. Two different sceneries exist for adding more airports and more scenery details to the basic Danish scenery. The best known, and I think the most widely used, is the one created by Jakob Laage. His files usually have the name 383jlxxx.zip where xxx represents the version number of the scenery files. The latest version is 3.16. In addition to the Danish scenery files, Morten Hansen has recreated Kastrup airport.

I have created some additional scenery that add additional objects to selected parts of Denmark. My scenery files don't require 383jlxxx as such. It has however been tested with it. Some of the objects may be in the wrong place if you do not use it. At the moment, my scenery "package" consists of the following scenery files that add the following objects:



And a few other bits and pieces have also crept in here and there (like my own house for example, and no, there's no price for finding it).

Why so many windmills you may ask. Well, the scenery designer I use makes it easy to create, its a bit more interesting than for example an ordinary house and it has become a major feature of the Danish landscape where I live.

The Future

I'm afraid there is no future for this project. If you still use Flight Simulator 95 or 98, this scenery will work for you. If you are using the latest (as I'm writing this it means Flight Simulator 2004) I can recommend: ot quite sure what else to add to increase detail in the Copenhagen area. If you have any ideas, E-mail me.
I live in south-west Sjælland, and I'm mostly adding objects for that area. I do have newer scenery files with more objects and another .BGL file with some windmills as they can be seen around Roskilde airport. They should be posted in the not too distant future.

The Tools

To create the scenery files I have used:
"Scenery Designer for Windows" (SDW) v1.0.11 by AeroSoft Gmbh .
"Danmarks Topografiske Kortværk", a CD-ROM from "Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen" containing scanned maps of Denmark in detail down to 1:25000.


dkxtra.zip (99.4 KB)


Lots of documents cover how to install scenery files into Flight Simulator, so I won't do it in any great detail:
In DKXTRA.ZIP, I have added an installation batch file which will create necessary directories and copy the files to their correct locations. After you have run this batch file, you need to add the scenery to the Flight Simulator scenery library.
Click for 800x600 pixel image.
Spot plane view towards Kastrup airport with windmills visible.

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Copyright by Bjørn Graabek with all that it implies. You may use my scenery files for non-commercial use only. Doubts about what you can or can't do, contact me, but preferably before you do it...

This page last modified 22. December 1998