Faardrup Denmark consists of lots of islands. Many of these are nowadays connected by bridges. Not considering Greenland and the Faeroe Islands, the biggest island is "Sjælland" on which Copenhagen (København) is located. Copenhagen lies to the east on Sjælland, Faardrup lies to the south-west, halfway between Slagelse and Skælskør.
Administratively, Denmark is split into "amter" (counties) and kommuner (district councils). Faardrup lies in "Hashøj kommune" which is one of several district councils in "Vestsjællands amt".
My guesstimate is that Faardrup has about 150 human inhabitants. I believe two or three of the farms have pigs. Finally there's the usual assortment of dogs, cats and mice. There are no shops in Faardrup, but there is a maildrop.

The sights of Faardrup

Last modified: 25. August 1998