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Bjørn Graabek

Looking rather gloomy (and in need of a haircut) during Novell's Brainshare '96 technical conference in Utah.

The most recent passport photo I have. The passport office wouldn't accept it for my new passport...

Dannebrog, the Danish national bannerThe other members of my family are: my wife Rikke, Michelle, Kimberley and Sebastian. We are all Danish citizens even though Kimberley claims to be British based on the fact that she was born in the UK. Click here for a family album. Here are some (very) brief details about me:

December 1963

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Started in "Sct. Petri skole" (german speaking school) in Copenhagen, Denmark.


My parents (and I) moved from Copenhagen to the countryside and I went to "Susåskolen" in Skelby, Denmark.


Won prices in the "Philips contest for young scientists and inventors". One of the prices was membership of the Danish inventors association (link is in Danish).
I was very small for my age (12 at the time), so the newspapers almost all featured pictures of me and the 1'st price winner who was quite tall.
Later that year I won another price for the same project. That also caused lots of newspaper articles and some radio interviews.


Susåskolen was a small school with only 7 classes. 8'th year the class went to "Glumsø skole" in Glumsø, Denmark.

September 1978

Lived in the US for almost a year and attended "Alta High School" in Sandy, Utah, USA as a freshman.


When I got back home, I went to "Fuglebjerg skole", Denmark.


And when that was finished, I went to Næstved Gymnasium og HF, Næstved, Denmark.

October 1983

I then got religion and served as a Mormon missionary in southern Germany and Austria.

December 1985

Got home and started working in the computer industry. My first job I was a Pascal programmer

January 1988

Married Rikke.

November 1988

Elisabeth was born. Sadly she died in January 1989.

November 1989

Michelle was born.

July 1991

We all moved to "Sonning Common" in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

November 1991

Kimberley was born.

June 1997

For four months we lived in Dublin, Ireland.

November 1997

Moved to Denmark. Two months later we bought a farm from 1912 in Fårdrup (click here for a map), a tiny village in western Sjælland. No fields left, but we do have 2239 square meters to keep free of weeds.

December 1998

Sebastian was born.

Lots of things are important in my life, my wife, my kids, but also my activity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the "Mormons". As a member of this church, I served two years as a missionary in the Germany Munich mission comprising southern Germany and parts of Austria.

Some of my interests are:

I have travelled quite a bit, mostly on business, below are maps showing the countries I have visited:
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...And this might be where I'm currently at:
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